You should be aiming for greater than 20% connection. If it is less than that after 300 invites and waiting a week for people to connect do the following...

  1. Make sure that everything is aligned - your LinkedIn headline, your summary and your message. Your experience section needs to be relevant to the benefit you are promising.

  2. Ensure that the message is taking them away from a pain and not positive ie:- "I guide overwhelmed business owners" NOT "I guide ambitious business owners".

  3. Be specific in all areas of the message so at a glance your prospect sees who you work with, what problem you solve and a method and/or an outcome. This is easily and effectively achieved by using the message generator tool to craft your message.

  4. Change your angle i.e. if you had been focused on profit and growing the business change to be focused on time and them not having enough of it- you need to find a pain they resonate with

  5. Go and interview your core clients and use questions from the empathy map to really understand what is going on in their world and the pains they have. Recreate your messages based on this.