The only thing that ever stops coaches charging high end prices is what is between their ears.

You need to know how you are going to add value to you and your clients and then work out your prices. Think about what you want to earn, how many hours you will need to do, how you will give them an ROI (not necessarily financially). 

Sometimes coaches in the programmes have started with a lower price, then every 5 clients, put up their prices incrementally for the new clients coming onboard until they get to a price they are pleased with. Look at how you can package up your services so it is about the value and not time for money.

You can also use this formula below:

[ Total change value / total change time (months) ] * [ 1 / ROI Multiple ]  = Monthly Rate

I.e. if you thought you could help people go from 100K to 400K in 12 months and you wanted to give 10x return on your coaching your formula would look as follows:

(300K / 12) * (1 / 10) = 2500 / month

The ROI multiple on your coaching should be between 5-15. I.e if you 

5 higher coaching cost

15 lower coaching cost

If you decide to begin with you wanted to give a 15x ROI to build your confidence or even 20x ROI you can then reduce this ROI every 5 clients.