The 6 Week P.R.O.F.I.T. Coach Certification training program is an online course which means the training is all created by me, recorded by me and all my own work. It's my best work too. So when you enroll in this program you really are learning directly from me and you're learning my absolute best stuff, I hold nothing back.

You do not get any 1on1 access or personal time with me included in this program. The only way to work closely with Pam or I starts at $25,000 USD.

The 6 Week P.R.O.F.I.T. Coach Certiication program is 30+ hours of my best stuff and to be honest with you its delivered in a clearer way than i could deliver it 1on1 to you myself. Its literally like hiring me to come to your office or home and consult you 1on1 for 30+ hours stepping you through every detail from start to finish. The experience is the same as hiring me to do this myself but at a fraction of the price. It would cost you $25,000 to hire me to teach you this in person and this program provides the same experience for $997 or 3x monthly payments of $397. All from the comfort of your own home on demand and whenever you like! You can get started by clicking here.