Doing this online course is literally like "downloading my brain" as of this current moment from my head directly into your head. You get my mindset, strategies, tactics, unique contrarian way of thinking, all of my life's discoveries working side by side with the most brilliant transformational coaches on the planet and working with the high-achievers on the planet.

But most of all you get a system that is prebuilt for you so you don't have to do any of that work. I literally give you what to say, what exercises to give to clients that gets them results without you even havign to do anything. 

The 10's of thousands of hours of thought this has taken to build would make a normal person sick to their stomach and I don't think many people are capable of acquiring this much knowledge on their own nor willing to go work at my former company for 3 years or have 32 years in business like my partner Pam. It's too painful and they are nowhere near committed enough. Without a word of a lie the journey to acquire this knowledge has been truly gut wrenching, devastating and I've been through hell and back to acquire it.  

That's the journey I've been through to figure this out. This program literally gives you the ability to take my knowledge and download it directly for yourself for just $997 and in 6 weeks time. You get the shortcut. You get the easy path. It's that way or pay 6 figure franchise fess with monthly fees greater than the cost of this programme.

If you want to spend tens of thousands, sacrifice everything you have and work 17 hours a day for the next five years of your life just to save $997 then by all means go for it, but if you do pursue that path with this option on the table you truly are a bit mental. This is the proven path. This is the map. This is the way to get to success without incurring all the failure and waste that I've had to incur. This is your time right now to step up, take action and build the life of your dreams. Let's get you enrolled in the 6 Week P.R.O.F.I.T. Coach Certification program and let's start working together TODAY!