Perhaps you are considering a career change or just looking to enhance your skills as a coach. 

You may have already watched our Fast-Track To Become A Highly Paid Business Coach Class and now you just want more information about the certification

What is the P.R.O.F.I.T. Coach Certification? 

The P.R.O.F.I.T. Coach certification is awarded to people who have completed the 6 Week P.R.O.F.I.T. Coach Certification training programme and complete all the necessary steps. 

All steps for the certification must be completed and passed to be awarded the certification. It includes:

  1. Tests at the end of each module
  2. A number of hours coaching requirement
  3. Essay assignment on the P.R.O.F.I.T System & C.O.A.C.H.E.D. Methodology Coaching process
  4. Phone call assessment with our head trainer who was a global Coach trainer for the largest business coaching franchise in the world.

The certification training that is tested on includes both a coaching skills section and a coaching business building section. This is unlike most programmes which focus on one or the other leaving great coaches with no clients or poor coaches getting many clients. In order to fulfil our mission we know our coaches need to be both highly skilled in helping clients and acquiring them.

The coaching skills section of the certification has two main components to it:

  1. General Coaching skills
  2. Business-specific interventions and coaching conversations

General coaching skills

This is covered in week 1 and 2 of the programme. 

In week 1 participants learn the B.E.S.T. CO.A.C.H. Framework to understand the guiding principles and scientific literally of coaching interventions of being a truly effective coach.

Week 2 participants learn the C.O.A.C.H.E.D. Method which is a 7 Level (14 stage) model with theory explanation and questions for each section included to show clients exactly what needs to be done with a client to create transformation. This is the Business Coach Academy's improvement and integration of popular coaching models such as tGROW, OSKAR, CLEAR, ACHIEVE etc.

Business-specific interventions and coaching conversations

After learning how to coach any client on any problem in Week 3 the focus is specific to helping business owners or executives. Participants learn the business blueprint overview and how the P.R.O.F.I.T. system covers ever aspect of the business blueprint so they can help a client at any stage and what order to proceed in. This sets the context for the expanding vault of knowledge known as the P.R.OF.IT. System which houses over 30 (and growing) specific coaching conversation each with:

  • How to explain it to the client
  • When to use it in the business
  • The coaching tool (if necessary)
  • The questions to ask
  • Appropriate timeline and follow-up

Example of a P.R.O.F.I.T. System Coaching conversation- Profit Maximiser (In the Profit & Cash Section) which is a fats intervention a coach can do with a new client to get the low hanging fruit and quick wins in the business. 

Also as part of week 3 participants in the certification learn the Coaching P.L.A.N. which is a specific process to take new business clients through to demonstrate immediate value and align the coach and client for a successful relationship.

The coaching business building section of the certification has three main components to it:

  • Participants mission
  • Participants messaging
  • Participants F.A.S.T. Funnel

This is in week 4-6 of the programme and also gives specific posts to use in order to attract free clients to build confidence and practise coaching skills (and get marketing materials) before going on to a fast simple process to sign clients that many of our members have used and some have signed clients in 7 days and others got to £10,000 in 35 days from joining the programme just by following the system. 

So in simple terms, the P.O.R.F.I.T. system which you are certified in is everything you need from getting clients to coaching them (personal and in business) and gets you paid high-end recurring income.

Is there a body behind it the certification?

There is not a body behind the certification at present, However... 

Under the permission of the International Coaching Federation, we use their guidelines in 2 of our week 1 videos. We may pursue an ICF accredited programme in the future. We have also had conversations with the World Association of Business Coaching which is the only body specifically focused on accrediting business coach training programmes. 

As part of being accredited, we have to have a test group go through the programme so this has been our focus. We have been building it to a standard even beyond their requirements but at this present time, it is not accredited by a governing body. However, our results for our coaches and the results of our coaches clients speak for themselves as to the effectiveness of this training programme. 

How accepted is it as a qualification? 

This is a new certification and is not known in the industry. However, one aspect is that it is much more robust framework and model that can be shown to clients so often holds more weight with potential clients because you can show them what they will be using to improve their business versus just displaying a nice certificate. 

Where can I get more information if I still have questions about the certification?

We have done our best to answer everything here but if you still have questions you can email the Business Coach Academy support team on or by clicking here and we will be happy to go into further detail. 

If you feel this is right for you and would like to join our mission and learn a system that gets you paid a high-end recurring income then you can join by clicking here.