Great question!

And even better that you already see how possible this is. 

The beautiful thing about Business Coaching is how flexible you can be. It's your business!  

As long as you are providing value you can do as many sessions or as little as you want and charge what you want!

The 1st video in Week 6 explains exactly how to package and price your coaching but basically, there are three approaches (these are editable slides and templates I give you in the programme)...

Most business coaches start at around $1500-2500/month for weekly (1-hour session/week) business coaching. You can also cut this price in half and offer bi-weekly or down to once a month.
It's entirely your choice!

What you charge is not based on the number of sessions but on the value you can deliver in that time!

For example, once Pam had 47 1-1 clients she realised things had gotten a bit out of hand so she cut some clients and started offering to do 1/2 days at large companies for $5,000. So instead of having to spread the coaching out she got everything done in a morning and still paid $5,000/month and could spend more time enjoying her lifestyle. 

This programme gives you the guidelines and done-for-you templates and pricing but you are free to charge what you want in whatever way you want it. Not only do you not have to pay the usual six-figure license fees but you also don't have to abide by their ridiculous rules. 
So if you are ready to get started click here to sign up.